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Granting nonprofits the ability to provide help and resources via text and chat. Providing those in crisis with a familiar channel to access help safely, securely, and anonymously.

ManyComm is Making A Difference

ManyComm is a web application that allows those in need to discreetly, quickly, and comfortably reach out to nonprofit hotlines for help and resources, using text (SMS) and online chat.

Crisis prevention for the digital age

These days, Americans spend an average of 26 minutes per day texting, versus 6 minutes on voice calls. It’s time to give victims of violence and abuse access to professional help without the complications and discomfort involved in making a phone call while in crisis.

+100 M

National crisis text line messages exchanged since 2013

< 50 YO

Texting is the most popular form of communication.


The number of texts a day people make compared to 6 calls.


People who prefer live chat to phone, email, social media, or forums.


ManyComm was built to improve the effectiveness of your organization, which means better service for those in need.


Flexible & Organized

Perfect for your whole team

ManyComm supports both text (SMS) and online chat conversations and can be used by as many members of your hotline staff as you’d like. The application allows multiple staff or volunteers to use it simultaneously.


Simple & Anonymous

One interface to manage your crisis support

Our easy to use web-based UI doesn't track user information. Messages appear on the left when a client contacts your organization, and, similar to Snapchat, disappear when closed or after four hours. This purges all sensitive data from the system, leaving your client anonymous.


Measure & Report

Gather useful statistics to help improve your services

ManyComm will monitor and report important metrics designed to help you gauge the success of your organization, while still respecting client anonymity.

Built For Nonprofits

Solutions tailored to your specific needs

There are certainly many options for setting up online or text chat systems. Here’s why ManyComm is the best option for crisis prevention


Custom CRMs like Salesforce are overly complicated for small organizations. Not to mention, they’re not built with crisis prevention in mind. With just a few lines of code, ManyComm can be integrated into your existing website and is ready to use.


Most CRMs collect and store personal information, which is not HIPAA or VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) compliant, as most nonprofits are required to be by law. This rules out popular third-party apps like Intercom, Olark, and Drift.


Case management systems typically include text/chat as an add-on, meaning you’re paying for an expensive system to use a very small portion of it. ManyComm focuses specifically on what tools are necessary for crisis prevention.

Made for your clients

After all, we are building this for the benefit of those who need help most. ManyComm offers solutions to the unique challenges that those in crisis face today.

Often times, victims in crisis are not able to make a phone call. Audibly expressing their situation in the vicinity of their attacker may invoke more danger. Problem interviews have shown that many callers hang up mid-call because they feel threatened or in danger. The common advice given to victims who feel unsafe is to call when the attacker is asleep or has left, but in instances of crisis or abuse, timing can be imperative.

Talking to anyone about traumatic experiences is difficult, doing so over the phone to a stranger does not make it easier. Victims who struggle to clearly communicate on the phone may be able to better compose their thoughts in writing. In addition, by removing a voice from the other end of the line, associations that may be triggered by a hotline worker’s gender, accent, or tone are avoided.

Talking on the phone is unpopular with young and middle-aged adults. Problem interviews have revealed a significant decrease in younger callers to hotlines. Studies show that younger generations strongly prefer text communication to phone calls, no matter the topic of discussion.  Another recent study showed that texting has become the most popular form of communication for adults age 50 and younger.

About 50% of calls are transactional in nature.  These victims are only interested in obtaining specific information - for example, a list of local shelters, how to file a Protection From Abuse petition, and more.  This transactional information could easily be automated and made available to callers during off-hours or to relieve the demand on hotline workers during busy times.

Sustaining a continuous phone conversation can be difficult in areas with poor cellphone coverage. Text messaging provides a viable alternative as messages can be transmitted even if coverage is inconsistent. Similarly, public institutions such as libraries or community colleges offer internet access to the public. A victim seeking services can find a local nonprofit’s website and use live chat even if no cellphone coverage is available.

Juggling multiple calls when attending to a victim’s needs is practically impossible.  Problem interviews show that hotline staff have to make a split-second decision to either ask the caller if they can end the call to take the incoming one or hope that person will call again.  With ManyComm, callers can service numerous text and chat users simultaneously without the fear of missing a vital call.

We built ManyComm to help those who help others.

"Saving lives is our expertise, but technology is not. We saw that we can use technology to aid us in saving lives and interrupting the cycle of violence."
Grace Coleman
Executive Director
Crisis Center North


ManyComm scales with you as you enhance your mission.
per user / Month

One Price. No Contracts. Pay for only what you use.

One local or toll free number for texting
400 combined text/chat messages per user per month
Auto responders for office hours
5 cents per additional text/chat message above 400

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